MCM Studio Abercrombie White Men's Slim Fit/ French Cuff Shirt

MCM Studio Abercrombie White Men's Slim Fit/ French Cuff Shirt

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The Abercrombie Shirt is made from an Easy Care 100% Two Ply Cotton textured French Cotton Fabric which is a sharp modern look great to wear with or without a tie. A really good choice for every day wear to wear with jackets or suits and tie optional.

Based on the fine art of Shirt Tailoring we ensure every shirt is well considered with these five core principles before it is produced.
    1. Handle- the fabric must feel right as soon as you pick it up and have the right weight and texture for it’s use.
    2. Care- the fabric of each shirt should look luxurious yet still be relatively low maintenance and be a pleasure to care for.
    3. Longevity- every shirt is made with precision stitching and is built with only durable buttons and fusing to ensure it holds up to the rigours of wear and washing.
    4. Style- the fabrics we select must be functional and wearable for pairing with seasonal ties and accessories with a strong emphasis on luxury appearance.
    5. Comfort- as much as the shirt must look good it must fit well therefore our customer can ensure they select a comfortable and enjoyable garment they love to wear every day


    • MCM Blue Label
    • 100% Cotton Easy Care
    • White Textured Fabric 
    • Two Ply Cotton
    • SLIM FIT
    • French Cuff
    • Cutaway Collar




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