Size Guide


We have carefully developed two specific shirt blocks to ensure a perfect fit for every body shape, sizes are usually available from 37 to 46.

1. FASHION FIT - is gently shaped and relates more to a classic fit which is designed to be comfortable and suitable for a fuller or larger figure.

2. SLIM FIT - is tapered at the shoulders and narrower at the sides (approx. x 1 size smaller than a Fashion Fit) providing a better shape for a slimmer figure.


Men's Sleeve Length

Please see the table below for each size and the appropriate sleeve length. If you are unsure of your sleeve length and would like to check it please follow the next table below. Should you require a shorter or longer length please contact us and we will be happy to advise you of our service options.

Size          Sleeve Length

38            85cm 

39            86.5cm

40            88cm

41            90cm

42            91.5cm

43            93cm

44            94.5cm

46            98cm


How to Measure Your Sleeve Length

The general mens sleeve measurement is taken from the middle point between the shoulders running down the arm to the end of the cuff to where the cuff finishes. NB: Certain shirts styles may fit differently therefore its always wise to check the fit of the shirt when possible. Our shirts are usually a slightly longer fit in the sleeve therfore we find many customers with longer arms will still fit our regular sleeve. 


Classic Fit- A classically tailored shirt which flatters and accentuates the female form producing a longer fit through the body with the choice of wearing it in or over your pants or skirt. The block has been refined over many years and is proven to fit most from sizes 4-16.



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