What makes a good quality tie?

Wear a nice suit and they remember the man, wear a bad tie and they remember the tie.”

 Apart from receiving favorable comments from all the ladies in the office, ties have a unique character of their own. Much to do with the way a tie is knotted and the silk it is made from will depend on the overall performance and presentation however there are several points to look for when buying your ties. 

  1. Look at the density of the silk and try to picture how this will look after you have worn it several times. If it's for a special occasion like a wedding obviously there will be more importance on the look so for everyday wear its best to opt for finishes that are a tighter, heavier weave that can withstand a few long lunches or afternoons at the races.
  1. Feel the weight of the tie and make sure the lining is made from a quality wool blend so that it knots beautifully and retains its shape. Inferior ties will generally have a synthetic lining which won’t have the same handle or appeal.
  1. If your tie is genuinely Made In Italy the chances are it is from an expert producer and 99% of the time will have a charm and appeal which no other manufacturer anywhere in the world can quite seem to achieve. Like anything of true value expect to pay a little more for quality.
  1. Don’t be afraid to let your heart overtake your head in this selection as it’s probably the most talked about and visually crucial item a man can wear.



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