• Why we are fussy about the fabric we use in our shirts...

    Depending on where and how the fabric is made and what it is made from will determine the performance, comfort and longevity of a shirt. Generally we prefer to use Pure Cotton Italian Made Fabrics made from long staple or 'Egyptian' yarns however for price consideration we also develop easy care fabrics made from long staple yarns which are excellent and sometimes even preferred by clients. The history and quality of workmanship behind a typical Egyptian Cotton fabric from Italy stems back for generations as it produces a genuine lustre and performance you can literally see and feel which is second to none. When comparing to inferior fabrics the naked eye may be bluffed from time to time by color or similar design however the wearer will only truly appreciate the difference when they realise the quality and durability over time. Our recommendation to anyone would be to pay a little extra for quality initially to prevent mishaps down the track which is why we are constantly on the hunt for new and improved constructions which give the best performance to suit each clients requirements.

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